History of Adaikalanathar Lutheran Church (TELC)

Our Adaikalanathar Lutheran Church is located in the midst of busy market centre for Textiles shops and Jewelers in Purasawalkam,Chennai.

About One Hundred and Sixty four years , Rev.C.F.Kremmeer became the first pastor of our Church under LELM.By his untiring efforts the First phase of the Church was built with the help of three exponents Mr.Sournam pillai,Gannaprakasam pillai and Adaikalam pillai in 1846 and dedicated on 06.12.1856. In early days this Church was Called as "Germanian Church" as per the Old Gazette.

The Second phase of the Church was expanded in 1936 on the eastside and rededicated on 23.02.1936 to accommodate the fast growing congregation .Then the Third Phase of the Church was extended on the westside using the elegant Gothic Style tower during the period of pastor Rev.I.A.Appadurai. Renovation and reconstruction of the Church was taken up again in 1973 due the decay of the main supporting teakwood beam and dedicated on 10th November 1973.

The area of the Church is now nearly three times that of the original church with a tower measuring about 100 feet.This Church has celebrated its 167th Anniversary on 06.12.2012

Church Bell

The Church Bell was casted at Germany in 1892.This was sent to our church during 1937 in connection with the Centenary Celebration of Liibsic Mission. The bell was recsted and rededicated on 27.03.74 during 75th Jubilee Celebration of the TELC. The Bell has a beautiful resonance. The following original inscription in the bell which is also the motto of our Church.

- ACTS 18:9

God's Gift

One of our Oldest congregation members,Mrs.Violet Charles has Gifted her house at Thacker Street, Purasawakkam to our Adaikalanathar Church to use as a Parsonage and the same was registered on 7th September,2012 in the name of


Pipe Organ

The Lutheran Adaikalanathar Church has enjoyed a tradition of good music for most of the 164 years of its life. Music is used to enrich the congregation's worship at the Services. Music needs to be of a sufficiently high quality, so as to not distract a good musician from participating fully in the worship. Many different styles of music and many different instruments are used in this endeavour. The King of Instruments, the Pipe organ, plays a prominent role (Now it is sparingly used )

The Pipe organ at Lutheran Adaikalanathar Church's is a two manual, tracker action organ manufactured by Messrs W.E.Richardson & Son,London Manchester & Preston ,England in the 1880s.


The Pipe organ was purchased from Egmore Wesly Church in 1944. To enhance its performance additional pipes were imported from Sweden. These were fitted and Pipe organ was fine tuned.

We thankfully remember MS.DD.Philip, Mr.R.G.Jacob,Andrew Devaprasad,D.S.Nelson, Joseph,Jayasingam Satya and other organists of our church who had been taken diligent care for its proper maintenance and upkeep. The pipe organ has been serving for the last 65 years.

Pipe organ

The Pipe organ was completely overhauled and repaired under Mr.Jayasingam Satya Organist's direction. The sacred music at the services and the sacred recitals that took place from time to time enriched the life of the congregation as also the circle of music- The many choirs and orchestras he had founded and led pay him rich tribute.

Now Our Pipe Organ has regained its glory and started emanating its Sacred Melodious Sweet music after complete renovation.This Pipe Organ is now played in all our Divine Services.We are so happy that we have passed on this heritage Pipe Organ to all our future generation and this is one of the greatest assets of our Church.

We have planned to replace the blower in order to upgrade the Pipe Organ.